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Why have scientists changed their story of Venus?

Something very strange is happening on Venus. Governments know about it. They must because their scientists, astronomers and astro-physicists are now singing out the other side of their mouths. 'Scientists,' they are called, have changed the facts...and scientists are not supposed to do that. Mysterious Venus, with its thick clouds of Carbon Dioxide and runaway 'Greenhouse-Effect,' was not truly understood until the Magellan probe (launched in 1989). BUT WHAT THE SCIENTISTS FIRST REPORTED IS 180 DEGREES DIFFERENT FROM WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN REPORTING ON THE CONDITIONS OF VENUS.

NASA's two-faces, or deception here, are not a matter of misinterpreting the data from Magellan. Also, the two greatly different scenarios for Venus are not a matter of Venus suddenly becoming active. I have not heard anyone else speak of this conspiracy. I have not heard Richard Hoagland mention the two contradictory stories for Venus (although he probably has). I videotaped a PBS, Nova science special as soon as Megellan's data was analyzed. Years later, I read on the Internet NASA lies of Venusian lava flows and possible volcanism. Recently, I saw a Shatner-narrated 'Enigma of Venus' in HD. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON? Am I the only one that has noticed?

I will explain my point, be patient, dear readers. The following is me giving HELL to one of the 'astronomers' on this (5-year old) documentary. He shall go nameless (he never replied, of course). He was the only one whose e-mail address I could find. I had to vent my made me feel better. 'Scientist,' indeed!

'Something very strange is going on on Venus and you NASA guys know about it. Years ago on PBS, a Nova special reported what Magellan found: THE MOST INTENSE CRATERING IN THE SOLAR SYSTEM! Now, you report and virtually LIE to the public that oh, no...there are only 1000 craters on Venus. Hogwash. Magellan found an UNCHANGING world that has NEVER, ever changed! No one expected this or high topography; they expected molten, lava flows...what they got was a world without a trace of volcanism. Now, you tell people the 1000 craters are 'young.' Nothing is young on Venus! Nothing has ever been resurfaced there! What happened to the scientists on (PBS) Nova who used Monte Carlo, random, gambling numbers to plot out the ENORMOUS # of craters on Venus? They found the INTENSE CRATERING was totally random. Now here's a link that I'm sure you'll laugh at; I wrote it after seeing that Nova special. What's using up the Venusian heat and energy? (because it is not being released) Maybe a very advanced civilization? There are too many mysteries...but as long as you so-called 'scientists' hide the mysteries...well then, don't worry, no one will ever suspect the truth. Good job disinforming the people!

At the end of the article, I hint of a contradiction and conspiracy when I say the Internet (JPL/NASA) will tell you there ARE volcanoes on Venus. When I finally saw your 'Enigma of Venus,' I took pages of notes. What would you say about the 2 conflicting MAGELLAN reports? Massive cratering and never, ever any activity? Or, lava flows and many volcanos? You said it was ALL LAVA; you said you're trying to catch a volcano in the act (like Io). Weren't you watching the Nova program? At least you said the craters were spaced EVENLY; that you got only left out the existence of a BILLION CRATERS ON VENUS!

Why would the scientists say one thing and then completely change their tune years later? It certainly isn't because Venus suddenly became active. No...the only answer is something strange is going on. Paying you guys to change the facts is one way to hide the truth.

But, guess what? I don't believe either story. It might be that neither Venus alternative is reality. I believe this theorized, advanced race of Venusians is clever enough to produce a planetary hologram or ILLUSION. They could HIDE. What better way to protect themselves from savages with nukes only a short distance away? Sad thing is the Earth elite KNOWS and you are a small cog in a very large conspiracy. Finally, so you'd really get a chuckle...Here's another article concerning My Favorite Venusian. We only have him to thank for our modern world.'

Ok, the above 4 paragraphs are what I sent, plus 2 links. My 'Life Inside Venus?' article (first link) does not elaborate or embellish what the scientists found on Venus. Venus was a dark, hard, old, planet with high topography, crushing pressures and the most intense cratering known! It was the oldest surface known displaying all the primordial meteor impacts from the early days. Nothing on Venus was EVER resurfaced or EVER MOVED! My mind and article leaped to the idea that Venus was closer to the Death Star in Star Wars. Remember, its weird rotation; no other planet rotates like slow, backwards Venus. I also placed this oddity in an article called 'The Artificial World We Live In.' The strangeness of our Moon's Gravity Lock Myth or why one side always faces the Earth - stood alongside Venus and other examples.

[The second link is my 'Son of Tesla' article; I believe this validates a man who claimed Tesla originated from Venus! This is the Superman story. If there was a man who fell to Earth...that man had to have been Nikola Tesla. Who are we to question Arthur Matthews when Tesla believed in him? They co-wrote a book together called 'The Wall of Light.']

Why would scientists change facts that they cannot change? They cannot NOW - as they have been reporting on the Internet and elsewhere - say that there is movement on Venus or was movement on Venus when Magellan reported TOTAL STAGNATION FROM THE BEGINNING OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM. The mystery is too great. We did not receive the EXPECTED Venus lava scientists have now created them! They know the public will generally believe what the authorities tell them.

The mystery to our second planet from the sun seems too incredible. Is the illusion of Venus a Wall of Light? Where better to hide an advanced civilization...than behind a forcefield or mass illusion? The feds have done what they have always done; they have taken any real mystery, diluted it, edited it and only given us their distorted (simplified) version of it. They, the Powers That Be, would have been more successful IN THEIR SUPPRESSION OF THE FACTS to have not aired that old PBS, Nova documentary. Then, I would have never known...but, I remember... I think the official turnabout concerning Venus is extremely suspicious and revealing...

Here is a link to my article on the Moon's Gravity Lock MYTH.


Blogger robert j givnin said...

Once again,Doug has taken off the gloves and gone straight into the fray!!!Now,our scientists are AGAIN
trying to pull the proverbial wool
over our eyes!!Many,many thanks to Mr.Yurchey for showing the real truth to all this.Gee what next,saying Pluto is not a planet???
Bob G

April 30, 2007 at 8:05 PM  
Blogger aurora said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

June 8, 2007 at 4:11 AM  
Blogger aurora said...

Hi Doug

Yes, most interesting that the NASA Magellen Project Homepage states the following:

"This site is no longer active. While the information was correct at the time of publishing, it cannot be assumed that it is still correct. Please enjoy the site as a glimpse back at history."

Further exploration may well prove of interest here.

Thanks for bringing it to the fore.


June 8, 2007 at 4:12 AM  
Blogger aurora said...

First Images from Venus Express

Venus Express Status Report - May 2007

June 8, 2007 at 4:37 AM  
Blogger aurora said...

Hi Doug

Thought you might be interested in the following thread:

Will the Real Planet Venus Please Stand Up!


June 16, 2007 at 5:05 AM  
Blogger Paul Arensburg said...

Hey Doug,

What happened with George Noory? Did he pull the plug on you?

August 20, 2007 at 12:09 PM  

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